Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"Gomer Pyle" was a documentary?

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US troops get training to avoid friendly-fire attacks on British

— The Times (the real one)

Thirty-two "blue-on-blue" attacks on British and other coalition vehicles have been logged in the past twelve months in southern Iraq, Britain’s area of responsibility.
Fortunately, their aim appears to be as good as their fire discipline (except where it comes to journalists.)
"vehicle blue-on-blue incidents" in the period from February last year had resulted in ten minor injuries. "There have been no fatalities," one said.
Still, it's not just the Americans. They're part of a select company.
A small number of incidents involved Romanian and Bulgarian troops opening fire.
Nothing a good swift kick in the Balkans wouldn't cure. But US commanders seem to know what the problem is.
their men were shooting at the British because they failed to recognise the Union Jack or other distinguishing military markings
Perhaps a little ditty might help - "Red white and blue/Let it pass through" for instance.

The British have thus far resisted the temptation to shoot back. After all, they'd probably hit someone.
"If they shoot, our drill is to slam on the brakes and race in the opposite direction."
With friends like these...


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