Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bedtime story

Off the wire this morning, Bush Declares: 'We Do Not Torture'.

He almost added, "That's because if we do it, it's not torture. Heheh. Heheheh." Instead, he went on:
"There's an enemy that lurks and plots and plans and wants to hurt America again," Bush said. "So you bet we will aggressively pursue them but we will do so under the law."
He then kissed America goodnight and turned out the light, leaving America staring fearfully at its bedroom wall where the moonshadows leaped and hopped.
"Our country is at war and our government has the obligation to protect the American people," Bush said. "Any activity we conduct is within the law. We do not torture."
There it is again - that little sibilant voice between the ears spoiling my reading: "Any activity we conduct is within the law by definition. Oh, and by the way, don't mention Geneva, even if I say we are at war."


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