Friday, June 18, 2010

Unpatriotic Swine!

It's schadenfreudelicious! New Zealand has only appeared once before in the FIFA World Cup, back in 1982. We went home after pool play with no competition points, and while we're back in the compeition 28 years later we are only rated 78th in the world, so the smart money's not on us. Neither, it would appear, is the stupid money.
All Whites' goal costs punter $40,000
An unlucky punter is no doubt ruing a last minute decision to drop a whopping $40,000 on Slovakia to beat the All Whites - just one minute before betting closed.

The internet bet, placed in the 87th minute, was made as Slovakia was paying just $1.02 for the win.

The punter would have taken home a profit of just $800 had the bet came through.

However a 93rd minute goal by Winston Reid saw the All Whites draw even.
Now back to our scheduled program of doom, gloom and despair with fries, aka life.

(The name "All Whites" for our national Soccer side reflects the colour of their uniform, and mirrors the national Rugby team's "All Blacks" monicker and uniform.)


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