Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Apples and Oranges

Eschaton commenter "Fielding Mellish" (I didn't get it, but Google is my bestest friend) posted this in a Memorial Day thread there. It made my blood run cold.
I just heard this anecdote. My brother-in-law (more of a brother, really) has a cousin in Iraq. Like so many others, his mother bought him body armor because the regime wouldn't.

He recently told his mother that he didn't have it anymore, and asked for a replacement, telling her that someone stole it. However, he related the real story to my brother - he had to throw it away because "it took one in the front, two in the back."
Think about it. The guy's not even listed as wounded, so he appears in no statistics, but if that had been Vietnam he would be dead or, if he was really lucky, invalided out. So when the chickenshit chickenhawks bandy the numbers about to prove there's less mire in this quag, you know which orifice they're talking out of.

Your rulers despise you.


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