Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Victory was certain...

...once Obama had the feline vote sewn up.

Congratulations on starting the long, slow journey back to civilization.

This weekend, I too will be heading to the polls. Because we operate a three year cycle, and the election date normally falls around this time of year, every twelve years New Zealand's general election will be within a week or three of the US presidential elections.

Some time on Saturday, I will take the Easy Vote card I received in the mail a week or so back to a convenient polling station and exchange it for a piece of paper on which I will make two ticks with an orange felt tip marker - one for a candidate, and one for a party.

My son got his letter from the electoral commission after he turned 17, inviting him to register on the roll so that he will be eligible to vote from his 18th birthday. It all works very smoothly; no mess, no fuss, and no fraud.

A final thought: has Karl Rove's strategy for a Thousand Year ReichPermanent Republican Majority turned out to be a successful eight year suicide bid? Let us tempt fate - tweak the Devil's foreskin, as it were. Which of these would work best for you? Show your working on a separate sheet.

  1. 2008 - Obama
    2012 - Obama
    2016 - Clinton
    2020 - Clinton
  2. 2008 - Obama
    2012 - Clinton
    2016 - Obama
    2020 - Clinton
  3. 2008 - Obama
    2012 - Clinton
    2016 - Clinton
    2020 - Obama